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The number one rule of surf travel is to have a good travel agent. Without a solid individual to line up your tickets and keep you mobile, you are lost. Surfer’s like me have such sporadic schedules and change and reschedule tickets in the blink of an eye that you need to have access to someone 24 hours a day. I am fortunate to have Harbor View Travel Agency and I am confident in saying they are the best in the business. Just want to give a quick shout out to Miriam over at Harbor View. Thank you for everything!


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Here’s a video I filmed of a Jet Taking off from the USS Nimitz.


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Awed. That is the only way to describe my recent experience on the USS Nimitz, an American Naval Aircraft Carrier. Myself, my dad, and a few friends from Kauai, including the Late, Great Andy Iron’s Father, were fortunate enough to have been able to land on the Nimitz as well as take off from the deck, an experience few civilians have ever had. We even got to spend the night aboard the colossal vessel! They fed us top notch food and we all basically got the VIP treatment.We got to see how the ship ran as well as meet the people who kept her in ship shape. However, the most exciting part of the tour for me, was seeing the jets take off and land. The skill showed by our pilots as well as the crew members who manned the desk was truly inspiring. I was very impressed with the professionalism of our sailors as well and am very thankful for the kindness and courtesy extended to us by our service members aboard. Aloha, and thanks for a experience of a life time. I will remember this forever.

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Here’s a video that my friend Justin and I made one day when the waves were flat. Edited by me.


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Sorry Folks,

No posts for a while my website was broken. I will be keeping it updated from now on. For those of you who are till there, Aloha!


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Summer is fast approaching and I am excited. Every summer the waves in Hawaii go flat and so I, like most of my surfing brethren, migrate somewhere not affected by the summer slump. This year, I plan on going to the Mentawai Islands. They are a group of mostly uninhabited islands in North Sumatra in Indonesia. They are only accessible by boats and are home to some of the best waves in the world. My friends and I will be staying at one of the few land camps in front of one of the best waves in the Mentawai; Lances Right. I can’t wait.

Last summer we went on the same trip and stayed at the same camp and it was a blast. For three weeks we surfed and fished everyday nonstop. The food was great, the people friendly and it was a dream trip. This time is more of a business trip. I am involved in a surf movie platform called Innersections where surfers make their own short surf movies and submit them to Taylor Steele, an award-winning director. The public votes on the surf parts and the top 25 get to appear in Taylor’s next surf movie. The very best section of the whole movie will be awarded a hundred thousand dollars. This is a huge deal for any surfer and especially for me since even appearing in the movie will boost my career ten fold. I will use the time in the Mentawai to film for my part in the amazing waves it has to offer.

The worst part about the Mentawai Islands is how hard it is to get there. First, you have to take an 11 hour flight to Korea, then an 8 hour flight to Taiwan, then a 6 hour flight to Jakarta, and then a 2 hour flight to Padang. Once you get there you jump on a ferry for 12 hours till you get to the main port in the Mentawai. You’re not done yet as you still have to board a small, smelly dingy which you ride for 3 hours till you get to the camp. To get home you have to do all this in reverse. The worst part? It cost a little over 2 grand just for the flight. However, it’s all worth it.

I will be traveling there with my good friend and professional surfer, Jamie O’Brien. Jamie is one of the most well-known surfers in the world and finished second place last year in the Innersection contest. He has taken me under his wing for years now and is a huge reason I am where I am. We will also be accompanied by my other good friend and Jamie’s videographer, Damien. He also kind of doubles as my filmer and will be in charge of putting together my Innersection as well as providing the cinematography. I have a lot of good footage already, but he and Jamie think I need more high performance maneuvers. Who am I to argue with professionals? So of course ,I came along; anything to get me out of America.

The wave we will be surfing every day is called Lances Right, also known as Hollow Trees, is also every surfer’s dream. It has perfect tubes as well as great sections for airs, turns, and anything else you can imagine. It is forgiving and dangerous, easy and intimidating, depending on what part of it your surf. This wave was the basis of Jamie’s Innersection last year and is part of my winning formula (hopefully). We are going during the month of May/June which is the best month for it, so it’s almost a guaranty we will score. I am very much looking forward to this trip, and I hope this proves to be the trip of a lifetime. Wish me luck.

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  • @pinkpuka57 hopefully u will b able 2 meet us be4 da game like u did for coach John about a month ago 1 year ago

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